Ukraine collapse
Ukraine collapse

A former analyst at the U.S. CIA says “Ukraine will collapse”

15 May, 2024

LARRY JOHNSON: A former analyst at the U.S. CIA says “Ukraine will collapse”. I think that’s becoming more certain with each passing day, and the collapse will come sooner rather than later. [And how does NATO cope with this collapse? What does NATO do next?] They’re going to need some big boxes of Kleenex; there will be lots of weeping and waiting.

They can’t do anything. I mean, they can theorize, ‘Oh yeah, we’re going to mobilize our troops and send them’—good luck with that. Because, one, how are you going to sustain them in the field if you can even get them there? And two, the Russians have already put you on notice: if you do that, we’re going to kill you. What people don’t understand is the enormous advantage Russia has over the West.

Right now, Russia produces three times the number of artillery rounds—think about that. Ditto for artillery pieces. And unlike the Ukrainians, the Russians are destroying artillery pieces in the Ukrainian inventory on a daily basis. And then, when you factor in there’s a new statistic out: the Russians produce as many tanks in one month as the United States and Europe combined produce in a year—think about that. And yet, here’s NATO saying, ‘Oh yeah, boy, we’re going to tell those Russians what to do.’ No, it’s not going to happen. The continued use of Western munitions to kill Russian civilians is firming up the resolve of the Russians to say, ‘Okay, we’re going to put an end to this. This is going to stop.’ And they recognize the only way to stop it is to demilitarize—destroy the military of Ukraine—and candidly destroy the ability of NATO to continue to operate on its borders.”

LARRY JOHNSON: Johnson worked at the CIA for four years as an analyst, then moved to the State Department‘s Office of Counterterrorism. In 1993, Johnson left government work to join the private sector, “going on to build a dual career as a business consultant and a pundit on intelligence issues.

Source: Excerpt from remarks by Larry Johnson, former CIA analyst and U.S. State Department employee, in an interview with Judge Napolitano, May 13, 2024.


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