New Australian treatment for Alzheimer’s disease

A new Australian study suggests that the traditional treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, which targets amyloid plaque in the brain, may not be necessary to improve cognitive function. Dr Gerhard Leinenga, from the University of Queensland, described the findings as an “important step”…
4 April, 2024

World Happiness Report 2024

While the top ten countries remain largely unchanged, there has been much more action in the top twenty Finland has retained its position as the happiest country in the world for the seventh consecutive year, according to the annual happiness index. Of…
21 March, 2024

Brain zapper that can steady trembling hands

Source: Daily mail A one-time treatment that zaps the brain with high-powered ultrasound waves can ease debilitating tremors that affect more than a million Britons. The procedure can give patients their lives back, say experts, restoring mobility and helping them manage simple…
20 June, 2022

Simple RAT mistakes may be concealing Covid rates

Source: Experts have revealed a simple mistake people with Covid-19 are making, concealing the true number of infected people in Australia. The head of Pathology Technology Australia (PTA) has revealed little known facts about rapid antigen tests which could be leading…
14 April, 2022

Yoga incompatible for Orthodox Christians

The Orthodox Church of Greece has announced yoga as “absolutely incompatible” with Christianity and not a “kind of exercise” since “yoga is a fundamental part of the religion of Hinduism.” The Synodal Committee under Archbishop Ieronymos II of Athens and all Greece,…
16 June, 2020

Coronavirus: life Sciences or death Sciences?

Spiro Skouras, former executive producer at Newsbud, has emerged as one of the more engaging and erudite of the young investigative journalists who have been delving into the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic. Skouras has documented the position of many prominent figures that have…
14 March, 2020
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