Violence against Women: The first step has been taken

On Sunday, April 28, protests took place across Australia in response to the wave of violence against women that has intensified in recent months. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese participated in the Canberra demonstration, while Premier Jacinta Allan attended the one in Melbourne. Demonstrators demanded…
8 May, 2024

The moment of truth is upon us

We will soon know the direction the state government will take with respect to the economic housekeeping that the state with the largest debt in the entire country so desperately needs. While nothing is coincidental the dire state of Victoria’s economy dictates…
1 May, 2024

Protect multiculturalism as the “apple of our eye”

Recent events in the past weeks could give credence to the “enemies” of the multicultural model of wider Australian society to launch “attacks” against it, ignoring the fact that, for many decades now, the different ethnic groups comprising our social fabric have…
24 April, 2024

Victoria must regain the confidence of the property industry

A recent survey conducted by Procore and the Property Council reveals concerning statistics, indicating that Victoria stands alone among the states with negative expectations for economic growth in the coming year. Furthermore, confidence within the state’s property sector significantly lags behind the…
17 April, 2024

A political alternative is needed for the Gaza Strip crisis

Last Sunday, the Israel-Hamas war entered its seventh month Unfortunately, among the victims of this horrific war are thousands of civilians, including Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom from the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen. Her unjustifiable death, along with six other members…
10 April, 2024

Political activism has no place in our schools

During last month’s Harmony Day in Melbourne, a group of students, from a background associated with the southernmost former Yugoslav republic, attempted to utilise the occasion to push political agendas, sparking controversy in the otherwise harmonious and inclusive multicultural society of our…
3 April, 2024

Clear skies, no fear of lightning…

Last December the Victorian Ombudsman Ms Deborah Glass published a damning report on the State Government’s alleged politicisation of the public sector, which criticised the “frequent circumvention of merit-based recruitment processes” by government departments. Those of you who use Melbourne or Victorian…
13 March, 2024

Reveal all the details of the Metro tunnel scandal

The cancellation of the Commonwealth Games and the revised budgets of most of Victoria’s major projects, with sums skyrocketing, are of particular concern to citizens who are facing serious financial problems due to the cost-of-living crisis and the repeated hikes in interest…
21 February, 2024

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