Can one afford to die in Victoria?

While Victoria doesn’t yet have a death tax, the cost of enacting wills is set to soar by up to 650%. Under a new model under consideration, the Supreme Court’s probate office could collect over 1000% more in fees than it costs…
10 July, 2024
Ministry of Mens Behavior

Australia launches a divisive Men’s Behavior Ministry

In a move stirring significant debate, the Premier of Victoria, Australia, has created a Ministry aimed at reprogramming men. Tim Richardson has been appointed as the nation’s first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change, a decision driven by concerns over gender-based violence…
3 July, 2024

Brace Yourselves – Mortgage Holders Face Impending Rate Hikes

As August looms ahead, Australian mortgage holders are anxiously monitoring the Reserve Bank’s next move, which could signal yet another increase in interest rates following a troubling surge in inflation. Recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed a consumer price…
3 July, 2024

Melbourne Airport Rail Link – 60 years in the making

In March 1964, during question time in Victorian state parliament, the member for Broadmeadows John Wilton asked the minister for transport Edward Meagher the following question: “What is the estimated cost of implementing the proposed plan announced by him last year to…
28 June, 2024

The secret briefings for the lockdowns must be revealed

Last week the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) issued a landmark decision, ruling that there is a high public interest in releasing the material that supported the state government’s decisions to proceed with lockdowns. To date, these recommendations and the briefings…
5 June, 2024
Plato and the Matrix

How is Plato connected to the Matrix?

What is the Cave of Darkness? What is the purest form of Truth? How do the esoteric allegories of the Matrix connect to Philosophy? How is Plato connected to the Matrix? In the realm of philosophical inquiry, few stories have captured the…
29 May, 2024

Keep children off social media

Absolute agreement between political parties on important issues is rare, but when it happens, it reflects the views of the vast majority of the people. One such issue is the appropriate age at which children should be allowed to use social media…
29 May, 2024

New provocations by Greece’s neighbours were to be expected

Those who characterized the Prespa Agreement as “shameful” are being proven right! The simultaneous disturbance in bilateral relations with Albania, Skopje, and Turkey should not surprise anyone. It is a predictable development in the perennial cycle of crises: crisis – de-escalation –…
22 May, 2024
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