A political alternative is needed for the Gaza Strip crisis

10 April, 2024

Last Sunday, the Israel-Hamas war entered its seventh month

Unfortunately, among the victims of this horrific war are thousands of civilians, including Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom from the humanitarian organization World Central Kitchen. Her unjustifiable death, along with six other members of the same NGO, inevitably compels us to acquire a “voice” and an opinion.

Explanations from the Netanyahu government and the Israeli military leadership regarding these deaths did not satisfy the Australian government, which, through Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, declared that the explanations “are not enough.” Last Monday Australia appointed a special adviser on Israel’s response to the deadly strikes.

The event was strongly condemned even by Israel’s closest ally, the United States. However, protests seem to have subsided following the expulsion and reprimand of military personnel deemed responsible for this tragic “mistake.”

Moreover, Israel’s decision to “temporarily” allow humanitarian aid deliveries to the besieged Gaza Strip, in order to “prevent a humanitarian crisis” and “ensure the continuation” of Israeli military operations in the Palestinian enclave, seems to have satisfied the United States, which, through a White House statement, called on Israel to “quickly” implement measures to increase humanitarian aid deliveries.

However, what is remarkable and perhaps “hides” the real solution to this humanitarian crisis is the reaction of the Israeli people themselves.

Just a few days ago, approximately 100,000 people, according to organizers, gathered in “Democracy Square” in Tel Aviv to demand “elections now.” Similar protest gatherings took place in about 50 other locations across the country.

The main reason for the protests appears to be the way in which the Netanyahu government is handling the war with Hamas and the prospects for the release of Israeli hostages.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid strongly criticized the Israeli Prime Minister, arguing that he is damaging Israel’s relations with the United States and leaving Hamas hostages to their fate.

The tragic deaths of tens of thousands of innocent civilians will not cease with the controlled opening of the “humanitarian pipeline.” Many argue that the innocent victims of this conflict will become the nucleus of future hostilities against Israel, simply recycling hatred and fanaticism.

Michael Milstein, a former member of the Israeli intelligence service, claims that Israel is facing a serious challenge. “…because although the army has killed about a third of the approximately 30,000 members of Hamas, the latter could cover the losses relatively quickly. The organization “doesn’t need to do much more than recruit young Palestinians as there are many young Palestinians in Gaza who want to join Hamas.”

What is perhaps needed is a political campaign, a political alternative for the Gaza Strip. The people of Israel seem to be seeking exactly that.


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