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Kyriakos Motsotakis

A resounding rebuke to ND: Loosing 1,100,000 votes compared to the 2023 national elections

10 June, 2024

New Democracy is suffering rapid political damage from the result of the European elections, as in just one year the blue party lost about 1,100,000 votes, resulting in Piraeus to intense concern about the huge social disapproval.

Specifically, the blue faction in the June national elections (2023) was voted for by 2,115,322, while this year at the completion of the count, it is expected to lose 1,100,000 votes. The election figures have caused turmoil in the ranks of the ruling party, with speculations of a quick reshuffle multiplying.
It is no coincidence that Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself said in his statements that “our party did not reach the target we had set”, as the Southwestern Democratic Party is losing about 13 electoral points.

Despite the fact that the postal vote is not included, the first and most basic one that concerns everyone has to do with the participation rate, which barely reaches 40.5%.

Beyond that, New Democracy is not only far from the electoral target of 33% set by Kyriakos Mitsotakis but also significantly below the psychological threshold of 30%.

On the other hand, SYRIZA remains the second party but far away from both the target of 2 (20%+) and the electoral result of the last parliamentary elections.

PASOK remains a clear third party, without its final figures allowing it to talk about a political upheaval.
The Hellenic Solution, even if only marginally, seems to be recorded as the fourth party above the KKE which, however, has a clear rise in percentages.

The Ministry of Interior’s estimate of the final result is at 99%.

Finally, Aphrodite Latinoopoulou and the “Voice of Reason” are reportedly entering the European Parliament, if Singular’s estimate is cross-checked with the official data from the First Instance Courts. However, earlier, the announcement of the Ministry of Interior for the European elections stated that the ‘Voice of Logic’ would be left out. Of course, the percentage is marginal so everything can be overturned at the conclusion of the process. At the same time, it is reported that the big derby between KKE and Hellenic Solution for 4th place is over with the Communist Party of Greece taking 5th place.

SYRIZA: 14.93%
PASOK: 12.82%
Hellenic Solution: 9.37%
KKE: 9.26%
Niki: 4.39%
Plevisi Eleftherias: 3.41%
Voice of Logic: 3.05%


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