Ministry of Mens Behavior
Australia’s Premier of Victoria has established a controversial Ministry aimed at reprogramming men

Australia launches a divisive Men’s Behavior Ministry

3 July, 2024

In a move stirring significant debate, the Premier of Victoria, Australia, has created a Ministry aimed at reprogramming men. Tim Richardson has been appointed as the nation’s first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change, a decision driven by concerns over gender-based violence and civil liberties. In response, Australia launches a divisive Men’s Behavior Ministry, but what are the details of this move?

Historically, autocratic regimes have employed extensive social engineering to quell dissent, using propaganda and conditioning to target and vilify groups seen as threats. These measures foster a compliant populace that acts as a buffer against revolutionary forces. But what happens when such social engineering aims for global control? The potential rebels multiply, and efforts to suppress them grow increasingly complex.

To streamline their agenda, the authorities often target the most rebellious demographic. In this context, “manly men” are perceived as the primary threat. Thus, the strategy appears to involve undermining and demonizing masculinity, framing it as a danger to civilization comparable to nuclear weapons or climate change.

Australia has recently led several authoritarian initiatives, including severe civil liberties violations during the COVID pandemic and deep integration of DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) principles within its government, alongside radical feminist influences. Given this trajectory, Australia launches a divisive Men’s Behavior Ministry the creation of which is to influence and possibly control men’s behavior seems a predictable development.

This month, Jacinta Allan, the Premier of Victoria, appointed state representative Tim Richardson as the first Parliamentary Secretary for Men’s Behavior Change. This appointment follows Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s designation of gender-based violence as a “national crisis” and his promise to increase government intervention. Historically, Australia attributed violent crime to weapons; now, men are broadly blamed.

Mainstream media describe this new initiative as a response to a “crisis of sexist violence against women.” However, data from Australian hospitals show a steady decline in assaults and homicides over the past 20 years for both men and women. The statistics also reveal that men are more likely to be victims of violence.

Demonizing and generalizing all men as inherently bad and in need of change is exactly why so many young men are gravitating toward figures like Andrew Tate whether you agree with him or not.

Tate continues to profit and exploit the disillusionment of these young men by promising them empowerment. However, embedded in his message are ideas that many men unfortunately disagree with. Except in the cases of young men who have lost their identity. Tate is a product of extreme Feminism and the woke agenda. Can we start celebrating men for being men? Can we start allowing men to be masculine? Women have pushed the needle too damn far to the point where men don’t want to even stand up and protect women in public – out of fear of being labeled ‘toxic’

To counteract the influence of figures like Tate, it’s crucial to understand his appeal. His message resonates because it uplifts men rather than tearing them down, something this government program seems to overlook entirely.

The government’s interpretation of “sexist violence” remains ambiguous. Does it include harsh language or differing opinions? For progressives, words can be equated with violence. Tim Richardson has indicated that his role will focus on the internet and its influence on men’s attitudes toward women, suggesting potential censorship of online discourse to curb “toxic” masculine behaviors.

Critics argue that it is unfair to hold all men accountable for the actions of a few and that the government should not control personal conduct. Many Western countries have similarly sought to undermine men, often using third-wave feminism as a justification. Australia’s current actions may serve as a testing ground for broader, future initiatives in other nations.

Feminism is leveraged to create a justification for targeting men, positing that masculinity threatens women’s safety. This framing seeks to legitimize measures against men under the guise of protecting victims.


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