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CBS exposes Mitsotakis-Biden plot to secretly transport illegal immigrants from Latin America!

CBS exposes Mitsotakis-Biden plot to transport illegal immigrants to Greece

1 June, 2024

“They will be received to help Greece with its production process,” say the Americans! In an unprecedented revelation, CBS exposes Mitsotakis-Biden plot to transport illegal immigrants to Greece. The main newscast of the CBS TV channel (which is pan-American), has made an unprecedented revelation, according to which illegal immigrants who entered the US from Latin America will be brought to Greece to help the country in the productive process!

This is something that is not made public by the Greek government but by a foreign TV station, which in order to make it public means that there is an agreement with Joe Biden’s administration.

In other words, once again the government is pursuing a secret political agenda that it is not informing anyone about and is simply imposing it on the Greek citizens.

Of course, this is a means of assisting Joe Biden to be successful in the presidential elections by presenting some kind of “normalcy” within the country.

Americans are outraged at the massive invasion of millions of illegal foreigners on American soil and how the Biden administration is dealing with the issue.

As reported in the CBS report, there are four centers for illegal aliens, in Colombia, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, where the “sorting” will be done and it will be decided who will come to Greece and Italy.

As CBS notes, the purpose of this initiative is “to remove as many foreigners from the United States as possible”!

It should be noted that the Mitsotakis-Biden plot to transport illegal immigrants to Greece follows the Greek government’s announced agreements with Egypt, Bangladesh, and Pakistan to legalize the entry of thousands of foreigners into the country under the pretext of a shortage of “land workers”.

It is noted that in September 2023, the Minister of Rural Development and Food L. Avgenakis said at a conference in Heraklion that “the country needs 180,000 agricultural workers on an annual basis”.

Specifically, he said: “On an annual basis we need 180,000 farm workers. The countries that over time have met this need are Egypt, Albania, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc.

For this reason, we urgently asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to proceed immediately to strengthen our local embassies, and our offices to examine the files but not with a desire to refuse because this has been happening lately permanently, but with a real desire to check the file of each person interested to come to Greece to work at the request of a specific company that will employ him for a specific period of time.

So it seems that these countries were not enough and now we are turning to Latin America!

Of course, another issue arises: Along with the foreigners from Latin America, various other elements can enter the country that may be part of either ISIS-type terrorist organizations (several of its members have appeared among the foreigners attempting to cross into the US from Mexico), or Mexican cartels (who can act here as “liaisons” or even as sicarios-professional hitmen).

What is striking is that the “information” on such a serious issue is again coming from the outside and not from the government itself.


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