China creates a miniature of Santorini

10 April, 2024

The resort “Ideal State of Dali” in Yunnan Province

China was inspired by the unique beauty of Santorini and decided to create a replica of it in Yunnan Province!

The mountain resort, called the “Ideal State of Dali”, was built on the slopes of the Cangshan mountain range and offers stunning views of the lake. The complex includes tourist accommodations, boutique hotels, businesses and narrow promenade streets adorned with flowers and plants.

Although the resort is based on Santorini and features the characteristic white buildings and blue domes, it is far from the authentic experience. Nevertheless, it has become very popular on China’s social media and attracts many visitors looking for a unique experience and wedding photos.

For the Chinese, it is an attractive tourist destination, offering an “international experience” to the population that cannot travel abroad. The appreciation and replication by China generally implies that the original place is truly impressive and is greatly admired.


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