Joe Biden's debate debacle
Joe Biden's debate debacle

Democrats are in a quandary after Biden’s debate fiasco

29 June, 2024

US President Joe Biden’s appearance in the debate with former US President Donald Trump can only be described as disastrous. Democrats are in a quandary after Biden’s debate fiasco where it was obvious that he was facing serious cognitive problems! At some points in the debate Joe Biden lost control and the rhythm of his thoughts and literally “froze”. This was clear in his answers about the health care system and also about illegal immigration where he said things unintelligibly and incoherently so that Donald Trump said “I didn’t understand a word he said”!

Speaking about the health care system, 81-year-old Joe Biden lost his mind for about nine seconds, looking at his analogy before popping up again to say that he “finally defeated Medicare”!
President Biden began to lose his composure as he said he was committed to “making sure that we make every single person eligible for what I was able to do with COVID, excuse me, hmmm dealing with everything we had to deal with” before… he was stunned.

“Look, we finally beat Medicare,” Biden concluded as he looked up again after an agonizing wait.
N. Trump, who is no “yesteryear” immediately caught the gaffe, saying of his opponent: “Well, he’s right. He won Medicare. He beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare because all these people are coming in (he means illegal immigrants), they’re putting them on Medicare.”
Note that they had prepared Joe Biden’s response shortly just to avoid showing his inability to compose complex sentences up!

“He’s not fit to be president. You know it and I know it,” Trump said, and as things turned out he was vindicated for that judgment. Right now the Democrats are in turmoil following Joe Biden’s debate catastrophe, due to the disappointing and desperate performance of the American president with CNN analysts publicly stating that “it was a disaster”!

They also revealed that within the Democratic Party, the question has been raised whether Joe Biden should withdraw from the election process and that prominent political figures in the field should come forward to demand an immediate change with another candidate! They were referring to former US President, Obama, who still has enormous influence among Democrats.
Immediately after the debate, the New York Post reported that “Joe Biden’s candidacy is in doubt, leaving Democrats in a state of aggressive panic”!

Biden did not help his cause as he spoke in a soft “scratchy” voice that aides attributed to a cold.
“If I knew nothing about Donald Trump before that debate and judged him solely on that performance, I would have voted for him,” said a Democratic official who did not want to be named.

Even if the Democrats change candidates, they are responsible for everything that has happened over the last four years as everyone knows the state of Joe Biden’s health.

Given Joe Biden’s self-evident incapacity … [has the government] been on some kind of autopilot with factions in the permanent bureaucracy fighting over the levers of power? Who issues orders to the military? Who controls this country’s nuclear arsenal?”


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