EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn: Call on North Macedonia to respect the Prespa Agreement

12 June, 2024

In an appeal to the new government of North Macedonia and relevant stakeholders, European Union Commissioner Johannes Hahn stressed the importance of respecting the Prespa Agreement. Speaking to journalists in Brussels, he expressed concern about the current situation in the North.

Mr Hahn underlined that it is crucial for all parties involved, but especially for North Macedonia, to honour their commitments as set out in the Prespa Agreement. He also underlined the importance of working towards the European perspective of each country in the region and of supporting neighbouring countries.

In particular, Commissioner Hahn underlined the importance of supporting the neighbouring countries with consistent efforts to strengthen the whole region. According to Mr Hahn, this commitment can have a positive impact on neighbouring countries, such as in the discussions between Serbia and Kosovo.

Incidentally, Hahn served as Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood during the Juncker Commission (2014-2019), and his current statement reflects the continuation of the EU’s efforts for stability and peace in the region.


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