Family Pride Greece
Family Pride from Belgrade Serbia

Family Pride Thessaloniki celebrates the essence of the Hellenic family

23 June, 2024

On 6 July, there is a call for a Family Pride starting from the White Tower in Thessaloniki. “We are celebrating the Greek family” is the central message on the poster that has been making the rounds on the internet recently. Family Pride Thessaloniki celebrates the essence of the Hellenic family.

In a post on social media, the United Macedonians say they support Family Pride. It is noted that Family Pride is also expected to take place on July 6 in Athens.

In the announcement for the event in Athens, the following is mentioned: Family Pride the day of the family, Family Pride Thessaloniki celebrates the Hellenic family. This day will become the foundation of the preservation and promotion of the nation. A celebration of every family, every citizen. Every step we take will be a day to remind everyone and celebrate our customs, traditions, institutions, values, virtues, and love for a future with perspective and ideals.

The 1st Pride Family is the day of the family! Meeting on 06 July 2024 at 19:20 at the old Falero at the submarine monument for a walk to the statue of Konstantine Palaiologos… A walk in hope, a walk to keep the institution of family alive!

A meeting that will reactivate the family cell, the Value, the Development, and the Renaissance of our society. Family means HEALTH, it means LIGHT, it means FUTURE. We are proud of our family… The institution of the family is no longer in crisis!

The Key Messages of the Pride Family:

Greece’s Demographic problem and the importance of the Family in creating healthy personalities and developing honest and ethical people in our society.


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