Goals, comebacks and excitement in the Champions League quarter-finals!

10 April, 2024

The night of the Champions League quarter-finals was nothing short of amazing! Real Madrid vs Manchester City and Arsenal vs Bayern Munich provided a breathtaking spectacle. Even in the first part of the quarter-finals, there was no clear winner…

At the Madrid stadium, the Real Madrid vs. City match was epic, ending in an impressive 3-3 draw. There were six goals in all, with Bernardo Silva inspiring his team-mates and Foden and Gvardiol providing the spark. Valverde’s final goal was simply mesmerising.

The clash in London was no less thrilling. Saka and Trochar gave their all for Arsenal, helping the Gunners to a 2-2 draw with Bayern. It was a night that ended with ten goals in just two games!


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