Hellenic Postal Vote: Let our voice be heard at last!

20 March, 2024

For over a month now, the online platform for the registration of those enrolled on the electoral rolls in Greece and wish to vote by post in the upcoming European elections has been operational. This is a substantial opening to Greeks all over the world by removing all practical obstacles to exercising their right to vote, wherever they are.

It is a golden opportunity, especially for us Greeks in Australia, to strengthen our ties with the motherland and to have a distinct and powerful voice in Greece.

To date, our strength has been foreign exchange, investments and potentially lobbying foreign players on issues of Greek interest.

The praise for our “excessive patriotism” and our love for the homeland is likely to increase dramatically, as will the number and frequency of visits by Greek political figures to our “shores”.

However, the forthcoming European elections will be the ‘yardstick’ by which our ‘strength’ will be measured.

The problems we face in relation to our motherland are many and complex. From the lack of sufficient staff at the Consulate General of Greece in Melbourne, and beyond, to double taxation.

The challenge, however, is that the answers to these problems should not come through Greek party mechanisms directed by the respective party centres in Greece, but through bodies that represent the demands and interests of our community here.

The first step would therefore be the mass enrolment of Hellenes of Australia to participate through postal votes in the European elections. So, in the first instance we need to “be counted”.

As Greeks residing abroad, we must enter the online application via the link http://epistoliki.ypes.gov.gr and register in the special electoral rolls for postal votes exclusively via taxisnet, using our personal credentials or by submitting the details of our Greek passport and identity card combined. Alternatively, we can submit the details of our Greek passport and our civil registration number in combination.

However, what once again emerges as a major problem within our community is the lack of mass representation. 

Although the establishment of a community representative should have preceded this mass registration for postal voting, this is, inevitably, taking a back seat now. But it has to happen. Otherwise ,there will be an exploitation of this ‘gap’ by opportunists and party mechanisms.

Seeking solutions to problems without having “negotiating cards” is different from negotiating by using the power of the vote, of the “sovereign Greek people” of the diaspora.


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