Markos Seferlis is gearing up to unleash waves of laughter in Australia!

15 May, 2024

Ta Nea newspaper and 3XY Rdio Hellas will soon reveal further information regarding Markos Seferlis’s upcoming comedy performances in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

Renowned Greek comedian Markos Seferlis is scheduled to grace Australian shores this year, promising to deliver a wave of laughter to audiences in Melbourne, Sydney, and Adelaide.

With an extensive repertoire boasting over 50 TV shows and films, Seferlis is not only a comedian but also an accomplished actor, director, writer, and presenter, showcasing a wealth of experience in the entertainment industry.

His theatrical journey commenced in 1997 at the Avlaia Theatre with the comedy “Birthday Suite” («Σουίτα γενεθλίων»), paving the way for numerous comedic performances alongside esteemed Greek actors such as Thanasis Veggos, Kostas Voutsas, Sotiris Moustakas, Kostas Tsakonas, Stathis Psaltis, among others.

In addition to his stage endeavors, Seferlis has graced television screens as the host of various shows, including the popular game show “5×5” and “My Mom Cooks Better Than Yours.”

Stay tuned to Ta Nea newspaper and 3XY RADIO HELLAS for upcoming details on Markos Seferlis’s comedy shows across Australia.


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