Mitsotakis – Tusk meeting: Ukraine, Middle East and European elections to dominate talks

12 April, 2024

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis continues his tour of Europe as he arrives in Warsaw for a meeting with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The significance of today’s visit is twofold: it marks the resumption of relations between Greece and Poland and underlines the rapprochement between the two countries on European issues.

During their meeting, the two leaders are expected to discuss a range of issues relating to the future of Europe and global foreign policy. These include:

  1. Critical developments in Ukraine and the Middle East: The situation in Ukraine and the Middle East is a source of concern for the European Union. How the EU responds to these crises and how it can support stability and peace in these regions is a source of concern for the EU.
  2. European elections: The approach to the European elections is an important priority for the European People’s Party and European leaders. The two are expected to discuss their strategy for these elections and how to strengthen European democracy through civic participation.
  3. EU Strategic Agenda. Mr Mitsotakis is attending this dinner to underline his commitment to promoting the EU’s strategic objectives of economic recovery, sustainability and security.

The meeting between Mr Mitsotakis and Mr Tusk is expected to strengthen relations between Greece and Poland and pave the way for further cooperation on European issues. The outcome of this meeting will be followed with interest by European politicians and citizens as Europe prepares for a new phase in its development.


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