Tentoglou’s incredible record that has been surpassed only by Carl Lewis

12 June, 2024

Miltos Tentoglou, apart from the gold medal and the impressive jump of 8.65m, managed to achieve another remarkable achievement revealed by a statistician.

Specifically, Dimitris Lykouras, a statistician specialising in the historical data of athletics, published the top jumping streaks in a single competition. Tentoglou managed to become only the second athlete to exceed 34 meters in the sum of four jumps.

Specifically, with jumps of 8.45m, 8.49m, 8.65m and 8.65m (subtracting the two worst jumps), Tentoglou accumulated 34.24m. The average of these jumps is 8.56m, and the only person who has achieved a better performance is sporting legend Carl Lewis.

Carl Lewis has achieved it three times, with a top total of 35.45m. However, two of those jumps (8.83m and 8.91m) were done with a favourable wind and are not officially recognised as records.

Tentoglou and Lewis are the only athletes to have recorded an average jump average above 8.50m in a single competition.

In addition, in a count of five jumps, Tentoglou has achieved a total of 42.66m in the final in Rome, with an average of 8.53m.

Courtesy of hysteriagr

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