EU Elections 2024
EU Elections 2024

The European Parliament elections indicate a patriotic surge for right-wing parties

10 June, 2024

The European Parliament election outcomes reveal a significant surge in the favorability of right-wing parties:

🇫🇷 Marine Le Pen’s National Rally garnered 32-33% of the votes in France, leaving Macron’s Renaissance party trailing far behind with only half as many votes.

🇦🇹 In Austria, the Eurosceptic and anti-war Freedom Party claimed the top spot with 29%, as parliamentary elections loom, presenting a potential path to power for the Freedom Party.

🇩🇪 Meanwhile, Alternative for Germany secured approximately 16%, surpassing the Social Democrats who managed 14%. In former East Germany, Alternative for Germany even clinched the lead with 27%.

▪️ Scholz’s party faces its worst historical results, while the Greens suffered a notable setback, plummeting from 21% in 2019 to 12% presently. This downturn mirrors crises such as real income declines to 2016 levels, industrial decline, and the emergence of a “rust belt” along the Rhine.

▪️ On election day, the director of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange—one of Europe’s largest—remarked on Germany’s transition from a developed to a developing nation. If current trends persist, Germany’s quality of life risks sliding to levels akin to third-world countries.

ℹ️ Sarah Wagenknecht’s new non-systemic left party is poised to claim 6% of the vote and six seats in the European Parliament. In Belgium, Vlaams Belang—a Flemish nationalist and Eurosceptic party—secured 21%, signaling a looming nightmare for Eurocrats.


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