The HACCI National Federation Introduces The Ellinikon to Australia

29 May, 2024

The Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) National Federation completed its first co-organised public activity last week, hosting a series of events in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Darwin, presenting The Ellinikon, Europe’s largest urban renewal project, currently in development at the renowned Athens riviera.

Close to 400 people attended the events, hosted by the respective Hellenic Australian Chambers in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, and the Northern Territory, in collaboration with the Limnios Property Group, Marketing Partners for the Ellinikon development throughout Australia.

The five events brought together members of the Hellenic Australian business community, industry leaders, governmental representatives, prospective investors, and friends of the Greek Australian community.

Each event provided attendees with an insightful live-stream presentation directly from Athens by Andreas Kambanellas, Commercial Director Residential at LAMDA Development S.A. – the Perth event also featured Stratos Chalkiadakis, Senior Residential Sales Operations Manager. The presentations highlighted the project’s unique design, innovative use of space, and its commitment to environmental responsibility, including recycling existing concrete from the site.

The audience were given an overall view of the project and the development progress that is well underway with several neighbourhoods to be completed in 2026 including the Ellinikon Riveria Tower, which will be Greece’s tallest building.

Following the presentations, Mr Kambanellas answered questions from the audience, o!ering clarifications on the project’s sustainability, the construction progress, the sales phases, as well as technical questions around taxation, financing, and the property management model.

A transformative AU$13 billion investment, the Ellinikon reshaping the landscape of the former Athens International Airport into a model city for the future.

Spanning 620 hectares, equivalent to three times the size of Monaco, this visionary project is setting new benchmarks in urban development. It integrates cutting-edge technology with sustainability practices, including waste, energy, and water management, to create a future-ready urban environment.

With its integrated 2 million square meter parkland, high-rise buildings, shopping, leisure, sports and entertainment precincts, and a state-of-the-art marina, the Ellinikon is designed as a 15-minute city, redefining what it means to live sustainably in tomorrow’s urban landscapes and putting Athens at the forefront of global urban development.

Fotini Kypraios, Chair of the HACCI National Federation Council, expressed her pride in presenting The Ellinikon to the Hellenes and Philhellenes of the Australian diaspora. She emphasised the project’s significance in fostering bilateral collaboration opportunities and strengthening the connection between Greece and its diaspora.

Dr. Elena Limnios, President of HACCI WA, echoed the sentiment of strong support for The Ellinikon within the Greek Australian business community, praising the project’s role in showcasing the next generation of governance, economic prosperity, and sustainable development in Greece.

James Limnios, Managing Director of Limnios Property Group, who coordinated the presentation and discussion, underscored the importance of this partnership and expressed the Group’s commitment to implementing an innovative marketing campaign to raise awareness of this significant investment opportunity.

The HACCI National Federation extends its gratitude to The Ellinikon and Limnios Property Group for their generous sponsorship and support. These events mark a significant milestone in the collaboration and connection of the Hellenic Australian business community with global initiatives like The Ellinikon.

Quotes attributed to Fotini Kypraios, Chair of HACCI NF (and HACCI Victoria):

“It was such a great privilege to have an exclusive guided tour of this visionary project; it is truly a case where legacy meets innovation, and this why it is perfectly aligned with HACCI, with our vision and our mission.

“When we established the HACCI National Federation last year, bringing together the Hellenic Chambers in the Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria, our vision was not only to become a united voice for the Hellenic Australian Business community, but also to facilitate the collaboration and connection of our community with businesses and professionals in Greece.

“The Ellinikon is exactly the type of connection we had in mind. A world-leading development project, it places Athens in the forefront of modern sustainable urban planning. For us in the diaspora, navigating in a world-leading economy with our Greek heritage deeply ingrained in our professional ethic, it is always encouraging and inspiring to see our motherland present itself not only as a place of history and culture, but as a beacon of forward-thinking and modern entrepreneurship. The Ellinikon seems to be that type of project – a future city built at the coast of our ancient metropolis.”

Quote Attributed to Dr Elena Limnios, President of HACCI WA:

“The Ellinikon illustrates the next generation of governance, economic prosperity and sustainable development in Greece, leading globally in urban regeneration of a site that is three times the size of Monaco. HACCI is proud to present opportunities for cross- pollination and direct connections for our members and friends with this globally leading project.”

Quote Attributed to Angela Tomazos, Chair of HACCI NT:

“Despite a smaller population in regional Australia, our community shares the same deep sense of pride as members of the Diaspora. The Ellinikon showcase truly highlighted the commitment to redefining the urban landscape.”

Quote attributed to James Limnios, Managing Director of Limnios Property Group:

“We plan to implement an innovative marketing campaign that will ensure that a wide cross section of Australians is aware of the once in a lifetime opportunity of investing in unique global urban development that is already achieving a 25 per cent capital growth rate for early buyers because of the prime coastal and geographical location of the development.”


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