The psychologist of the Hellenic Police who issued false child molestation reports
The psychologist of the Hellenic Police who issued false child molestation reports

The psychologist of the Hellenic Police who issued false child molestation reports against fathers exposed

5 June, 2024

In addition to her name, he reveals other names, from prosecutors to lawyers. Messages and conversations—everything. We’re talking about a lot of material, close to 17 CDs of speeches and evidence, all collected after her suspension. Imagine what was going on all those years!

Pay attention now to the following: We learn that the amounts involved were up to 200,000€. These are not amounts that a mother can spend to alienate the father of her children. The source of these sums of money must be found by the police. Where did they come from?

In total, there are almost 2,000 complaints pending against Vassiliou.

A single psychologist has destroyed many families. Can you realize how many more families have been destroyed by this phalanx of false opinions? And how many more psychologists/child psychologists are doing the same? We are talking about thousands of false rape cases. The Hellenic Police should investigate all the cases, review the domestic violence statistics that are clearly false and falsified, investigate how many of the estranged fathers ended their lives because of what had been done to them, and, of course, have the justice system really work properly and jail all those involved in this fiasco.

First and foremost, Niki Vassiliou, who was even invited on shows to talk to us about “violence against women.” Who? The criminal who destroyed families!

In Kousoulos’s show, we learn about a case of a child who was completely destroyed by her and her mother. The child was traumatized so badly emotionally that, while the father was tried and won, he couldn’t spend time with her. She even tried to commit suicide, and every time the father came home to pick her up, she would have seizures.

Bravo! In order for the mother to get revenge on the father, she destroyed the child! Two things are paramount to note here.

  1. Where did so much money come from for the criminal ring? Look for a European organization that gives out millions every year to NGOs to document child sexual abuse in the context of domestic violence. How did so many mothers find themselves with 200,000€ to distribute to extreme feminist networks?
  2. The police must (MUST!!!!) investigate all those feminist NGOs that wrote entire articles against the fathers when they started the lawsuits against Niki Vassiliou. Niki Vassiliou called the fathers mafia and rapists. Who screamed that “you are giving our children to their rapists”? These feminist organizations that were tearing their clothes off—what (else) did they have to gain? The police will be surprised. Psychologist Dimitris Suras, at 10:20, starts talking about this issue. He says, “Who is motivating rich women to attend mental health talks? Should we open an investigation?” Is this where they’re being trained? Pay attention from now on.

What did Niki Vassiliou call the judges who—rightly—acquitted the fathers? The same fathers that she was trying to destroy? What did she call those judges? Misogynous!



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