April 2024

A Cultural Festival at Fairfield Village

Last Saturday, The Fairfield Village Traders Association proudly presented their first Cultural Festival for 2024 – A Cultural Festival in Fairfield Village!!! Wingrove St was closed and hosted live (on stage) cultural performances, children’s activities and entertainment, as well as roving artists…
24 April, 2024

Protect multiculturalism as the “apple of our eye”

Recent events in the past weeks could give credence to the “enemies” of the multicultural model of wider Australian society to launch “attacks” against it, ignoring the fact that, for many decades now, the different ethnic groups comprising our social fabric have…
24 April, 2024

Ukraine: 25,000 Russian troops besiege town of Chashiv Yar

The dangerous situation in Ukraine is worsening as Russia has sent up to 25,000 troops to besiege the town of Chashiv Yar and surrounding villages in eastern Ukraine. Reports from the Ukrainian army describe a difficult situation, with army spokesmen asserting that…
23 April, 2024

Australia’s defence strategy focuses on the Pacific

Australia has unveiled its national defence strategy, with a particular focus on the Pacific to counter China’s “coercive tactics”. The 80-page document paints a bleak picture of security in the Pacific and calls for a significant increase in military spending to re-equip…
23 April, 2024

Greece – Turkey: Confidence building measures on the table

With a view for the need of further dialogue and cooperation between Greece and Turkey, the delegations of the two countries will return to the negotiating table on Monday (22/4) in the framework of the Confidence Building Measures. Following Ankara’s strong reaction…
22 April, 2024

Assassination attempt on Volodymyr Zelenski

A plot to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski has been foiled with the arrest of a man in Poland. The Polish suspect is accused of passing sensitive information about the Ukrainian president to Russian intelligence in order to serve Moscow’s plans. The…
19 April, 2024
Anger in Serbia with Dora Bakogannis

Anger in Serbia with Dora Bakoyannis

A criminal and historic mistake – Greece’s New Democracy sets fire to the Balkans with the Kosovo vote in the Council of Europe! After Russia and the Arab world, Greece is losing the friendship of its Orthodox brothers Serbia because of Kosovo.…
18 April, 2024
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April 2024