May 2024

Australia’s most trusted brands – 2024

Reader’s Digest has announced the results of the 25th Annual Most Trusted Brands survey. And the results speak volumes about the formula trusted brands use in a volatile market – retaining trust during difficult financial times requires timely innovation, swift adaptability and,…
30 May, 2024

Anger over medicinal shortages

Complaints are mounting from Australian citizens against the government for relying on international supply of medicines instead of local production as the nation faces a “severe” shortage of pharmaceuticals. It was revealed earlier this week that patients are unable to take their…
30 May, 2024
Plato and the Matrix

How is Plato connected to the Matrix?

What is the Cave of Darkness? What is the purest form of Truth? How do the esoteric allegories of the Matrix connect to Philosophy? How is Plato connected to the Matrix? In the realm of philosophical inquiry, few stories have captured the…
29 May, 2024

The HACCI National Federation Introduces The Ellinikon to Australia

The Hellenic Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (HACCI) National Federation completed its first co-organised public activity last week, hosting a series of events in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Darwin, presenting The Ellinikon, Europe’s largest urban renewal project, currently in development at…
29 May, 2024

TA NEA – 29 MAY 2024

TA NEA - The Hellenic Australian Insight - 29 May 2024 - Η Ελληνοαυστραλιανή Εφημερίδα…
29 May, 2024

Keep children off social media

Absolute agreement between political parties on important issues is rare, but when it happens, it reflects the views of the vast majority of the people. One such issue is the appropriate age at which children should be allowed to use social media…
29 May, 2024
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TA NEA – 19 June 2024


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